Marc Dylan fucked senseless by rubber stud

What starts out as a raunchy solo routine turns into a twisted rubber fantasy when Marc Dylan encounters a masked, catsuited figure deep in the Sektor 9 dungeon.

Tommy Deluca fucks Marc Dylan

As the scene begins, Dylan is shoving a large black truncheon into his ass. Lying on his back, with his legs spread wide, he works the rubber toy in and out of his hole, gradually opening himself up.

But there’s someone else in the room. Lurking behind him is a sinister voyeur who’s dressed from head to foot in black latex, with a rubber mask covering his face. As Marc continues to fuck himself with the dildo, the anonymous figure starts to stroke his crotch until finally launching himself at Dylan and roughly groping at his butt.

Tommy Deluca and Marc Dylan in Sektor 9

Next he unleashes his enormous cock, plunging it deep into Marc’s hole. Grabbing Dylan’s legs, he pumps mercilessly in and out, first fucking him from the front, then giving it to him hard from behind.

Finally he pulls out and jerks off over Dylan’s back, then gets down on the floor so Marc can dump his own load over the anonymous rubber fiend’s masked face.

Watch Marc get fucked by the rubber-clad top

Tommy Deluca and Marc Dylan in Sektor 9

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