Pig daddy puts on a sleazy solo show

Dave Grey looks like one nasty piece of work. From the Handball Champion slogan emblazoned across his pecs (I’ll bet he is) to the unkempt beard and almost permanent sneer plastered across his face, this sleazy daddy looks like he’s done it all.

Dave Grey fucks himself with a dildo

The movie starts with Grey ramming a thick steel sound into his cock, working it in and out before he prods at it – almost stabs at it – with the large metal rod until nearly the entire thing disappears into his urethra.

After he’s taken it out, he seals up the end of his dick by tying a rubber band around his foreskin. Then he goes and takes a leak inside it, making the skin swell up as the trapped piss starts to trickle out.

Once he’s finished, he lies on his back with his legs in the air and picks up a dildo made up of balls on a flexible latex snake. He shoves it into his hole, slowly pulling it out before  greedily stuffing it inside again.

Watch Dave playing with himself at Fetish Force

Dave Grey puts on a sleazy solo show

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