Raw Pup: the ultimate butt/cock toy

This is something surely everybody needs. This squishy, crystal-clear plug slides into your ass to nudge your prostate while it also provides a tight, slippery parking space for your playmate’s boner – all in one toy.

Fort Troff's Raw Pup in action

Available exclusively from Fort Troff, the Raw Pup looks like a long butt plug on a thick base – with a generous head, a ridged shaft and a wicked-looking knot just above the base. But once you’ve got this thing wedged inside you, it stays firmly in position so your buddy can get to work, lubing up the hole at its centre and letting his cock glide into the inner sleeve.

See it in action: watch the hardcore demo video at Fort Troff

You can even get a handy mount to help keep it rigid while you slide it into your butt. Genius.

Fort Troff's Raw Pup in action

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