Cazzo pigs punch fuck in sling

Sylvain Lyk is in a pair of open-ass rubber shorts, lying back in a sling that’s dangling from a crane – with his ass in the air and his legs wide apart. At the push of a button Geoffrey Paine has him hoisted up higher so his pouting hole is at mouth height.

Sylvain Lyk gets fisted

The latest scene from Cazzo is set in a grimy old factory. With his backless rubber shorts and jock, Lyk’s ass is totally exposed, giving Paine easy access to stick his tongue in there and rim his butt. We get to see some good close-ups as Geoffrey pushes his bearded chin between Sylvain’s cheeks and hungrily eats his hole out.

Geoffrey Paine bottomed for Harley Everett in a previous scene for Cazzo. But here he shows he’s talented top too. When he gets his dick into Sylvain Lyk, there’s no stopping him, and he pumps in and out like a jackhammer, slamming it home hard and fast.

When he swings Sylvain back and forth in the sling, punching his hole with his fists, his hands slide in with ease. Lyk is clearly no stranger to fisting – his ass quickly opens up wide until it’s slack and gaping. You can’t knock his enthusiasm either. By the end of the scene, he’s jumping up and down on the end of Paine’s arm, laughing maniacally, ramming the stud’s fist into his butt until it’s sloppy and loose. It’s a typically crazy moment from one of Europe’s most offbeat studios.

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Sylvain Lyk and Geoffrey Paine

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