Leather pig gets booted in the men’s room

Jimmy Durano looked like such a wholesome, clean-cut guy when he first started working for Hot House a couple of years ago. But it didn’t take him long to turn to the dark side – and here he is making one of his regular appearances on HH’s fisting/butt-play sister site Club Inferno Dungeon.

Picture of Byron Saint sucking Jimmy Durano's cock

Byron Saint is a bar boy in a Palm Springs cruising club. Kitted out in just a leather jock, he’s not above giving his customers a bit of extra service when it’s needed. He runs into sexy, ripped Jimmy Durano – who’s wearing a leather jock and harness – in the men’s room, who quickly gets to work on the bottom boy’s ass.

Jimmy gets Byron bent over the urinal and starts stuffing his hole with a collection of huge rubber toys. A string of fat rubber balls goes in first, making Byron gasp as they get pulled out one at a time. Next up is a huge black dildo, over a foot long. But the best gets saved till last – Saint squats down on the floor and lowers his ass onto a huge boot-shaped dildo, riding it while he sucks Jimmy’s cock. It’s a totally lewd performance that finally gets Durano off, and he shoots his sticky load over the grateful bottom.

Watch Byron Saint get his ass stretched

Pictures of Jimmy Durano and Byron Saint in Last Call for Handball

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