Ethan Ayers gets filthy with Blake Oscar

I’m ever so slightly obsessed with Ethan Ayers. It’s not the mohawk, or the stocky muscular build, the sexy tattoos or the twisted smile. That’s all great stuff, but it’s Ayers’ gleefully sleazy, up-for-anything attitude that really makes me hard.

Image of Ethan Ayers pissing in Blake Oscar's ass

In this scene, he’s fisting the hell out of hunky Blake Oscar. It’s an award-worthy performance as Blake yells the roof off while Ethan slowly, firmly twists his hand around in the bottom-pig’s sloppy, lubed-up hole. And that’s after he’s used a hollow metal plug to piss into his ass. Nice.

Images of Ethan Ayers and Blake Oscar in Daddy Fist

Watch Daddy Fist

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