Zak Spears tops Thom Barron

Zak Spears is still one of my all-time favourite porn hunks. The first time this twisted top caught my attention was in Falcon’s Abduction trilogy and he’s been at the top of my porn idol wish list ever since. I can’t blame German stud Thom Barron for being so eager to lick his boots, suck his dick and take his meaty fist.

Picture of Thom Barron licking Zak Spears' boot

In this scene the two are lounging on a rubber play sheet, with Zak kitted out in a pair of red-trimmed leather chaps and bicep bands. He pushes a fat, flesh-coloured dildo into Thom’s butt, leaning over to lick his shaved balls as he slowly eases it in and out. Next he peels on a one-piece black latex glove, smoothing it over his hand and licking it sensuously before lubing it up with Crisco and gently sliding it into Barron’s ass. He takes his time, relishing the sensation of his buddy’s hole opening up around his fist, while Thom strokes his cock, lying back, in seventh heaven.

Watch the full scene at Fetish Force

Pictures of Thom Barron and Zak Spears in Zak Attack

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Pictures of Thom Barron and Zak Spears in Zak Attack

Thom Barron gets it in the ass

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