Trenton Ducati makes a muscle boy sandwich

Trenton Ducati seems to be everywhere right now. The last couple of months have seen a Trenton invasion, with numerous appearances on Men at Play, Hot House and Club Inferno to add to the crop of Titan movies he made last year. Not that anyone’s complaining – and especially not if he’s in gear.

Picture of Trenton Ducati in a harness and boots

This scene from The Sub has him geared up in a harness and rubber boots, intruding on a private moment for hunky JR Bronson, who’s happily bobbing up and down on a big dildo, alone in an underground dungeon. Ducati immediately puts the submissive stud to work on his hard-on, getting him to take the rigid tool into his mouth for a prolonged blow job. They’re soon joined by tattooed Rod Daily, who gets up on a platform and presents his cock to Trenton, who devours it hungrily.

With JR now on his back on the platform, this fetish threesome gets into full swing. Rod works his mouth around Bronson’s dick while he takes Ducati’s in his ass, before switching the two so he can suck on Ducati’s cock while he bangs Bronson’s hole. Next Rod gets to be the meat in their fuck sandwich, getting fucked by Trenton while he rams his own dick into JR.

Pictures of Trenton Ducati, Rod Daily and JR Bronson

Watch Trenton Ducati, Rod Daily and JR Bronson fuck

Pictures of Trenton Ducati, Rod Daily and JR Bronson in The Sub

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