Straight suits bang the boss

Is it just me or is there something just a little bit creepy about the two straight guys in this week’s Men at Play webisode? Maybe it’s because they look almost like identical twins – or identical twin Kojaks. And they play pretty rough when they gang up on their boss, Martin Mazza. Of course, that all adds to the horniness of this table-turning, spit-roasting management coup.

Artwork for Man Hours by Men at Play

Man Hours: watch the trailer

It all starts with a dispute over pay. Poor Martin Mazza might think he’s in control here, but his two new recruits waste no time at all in showing him who’s really boss. Determined not to be pushed around, they quickly have Martin laid out on the desk with his smart suit pants pulled down so they can feed him their fat cocks in both ends. It’s a lesson Martin’s unlikely to forget in a hurry as the two straight tops demand to have their dicks properly serviced until they’re completely satisfied. Mazza ends up taking both in his mouth at once, eventually getting his handsome face spattered with jizz.

Man Hours marks Martin Mazza’s return to gay porn as well as a gay first for straight Latino porn stars Antonio Aguilera and Rafa Garcia.

Images of Antonio Aguilera, Martin Mazza and Rafa Garcia in Man Hours

Watch the full movie at Men at Play

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