Video: Eating Drew Sebastian’s rosebud

Whether it’s his towering, muscled frame, juicy ass or low, growling voice, there’s something about sleazy Drew Sebastian that gets hard me every time. In this scene, he’s paired with tattooed, bearded Dolf Dietrich, a talented top who soon has Sebastian’s hole wide open and sloppy.

I could watch these handsome fuckers play all day. Sebastian sounds like he’s in seventh heaven as Dietrich subjects his ass to a relentless assault, getting him well gunged-up with slippery lube and fisting him rotten.

The best bit comes when Drew’s rosebud is hanging wide open, dripping with gunk – and then in leans Dolf to gently lick it and taste his buddy’s ass juice.

Free preview: hardcore ff action

Drew Sebastian and Dolf Dietrich in Howlers

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