Race Cooper fists David Novak

Race Cooper impressed with his amazing debut as a fisting bottom in Back Alley for Fetish Force. In this scene from the Fisting Central vault, Cooper’s on top, delivering an uncompromising ass wrecking to bearded muscle stud David Novak.

Race Cooper fists David Novak

Novak is on all fours on a raised platform to start off with, with Race behind him sucking on his asshole. Cooper certainly looks like he’s enjoying that hole – and it isn’t long before he’s got two fingers in there, then half his hand. And it doesn’t take a lot to loosen Novak up: very soon Cooper is past the knuckle and all the way in there, pushing in and out as David moans with pleasure.

For me, the best part is the one that has Novak on his back with his legs pulled back and his ass on display. Cooper’s settled against his crotch, sucking his dick while he’s stuffing his hand inside David’s sloppy hole.

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Race Cooper and David Novak at Fisting Central

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